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David McDivitt/ "William Mahler"

An actor is more than a handsome or pretty face, especially this one as there is much more to David McDivitt than meets the eye. While his skills in front of the camera are impressive as he plays William Mahler, the fiancé to Kate Kensington, David has a lot more to offer off set.

You would think that meeting an accomplished actor such as David would make a person nervous, star struck, but it’s the exact opposite. David is a fun, carefree man with a sharp sense of humor who fits in to any group and makes anyone feel comfortable.

He states, “I am a subcontractor, doing a job”, but this one, to him was special. Not only did he own the role of William, but he also assisted on the set during filming of scenes at the Herlong Mansion in Micanopy, Florida.

He doubled as a set hand holding the grip for actress Alison Trado, where the comedic side of him came through with a “photo bomb”.

David states, “Every day I am acting is a fun day, if you are not having fun with it, why do it at all”.

David is no stranger to acting, having played many roles in his 20 plus year acting career.

He is known as “the cop with the mole” in the big screen movie, Pineapple Express.

David has also appeared in Sex and the City, 24, MADtv, Numb3rs, and many others.

Not only can he act, he does stunts which can be seen in Melrose Place, the pilot episode. David, due to his prior service in the military, he started in the Army then went on to the Marine Corp, has done a lot of “special abilities” - “that knowledge came in handy for the film industry because no one wants to hand a blank firing weapon to one who has never handled a weapon to begin with”. David was part of the honor guard for the Beirut Memorial and retired from the military in 1992.

Watching David and Melony Castillo, who plays Kate Kensington, working up to the emotional roles they would have to play, you could hear him and Melony talking, getting to know each other enough to emote the raw emotion that were needed to bring across the great love between the characters. They had to make each other comfortable in their roles as well as the scene. It worked well, as the scene was shot and moved the on looking cast and crew to tears.

David was born in California and now resides in Massachusetts with his wife and son and was flown to Florida for his part in The Legend of Kate Kensington, where his first scenes were filmed at the Hills of Rest Cemetery in Floral City, which he states is the “most exotic location he has shot in as it isn’t on a sound stage, with padded walls and dust build up". He states he likes the warm weather but having lived in LA, he is accustomed to it. David says “I was a stay at home dad, and now that my son is in school, my job is studying. I have time to get back into the work I was originally doing before I even went into acting”.

David not only is an amazing actor, but also a silent genius. He will tell you that he is a “book worm” and “studies all the time”, subjects such as quantum physics, string theory, and electromagnetic engineering. Presently he is studying for his certification to become a Red Hat Certified Engineer (a senior administrator for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system). He has been working with computers since 1986, David says he plans to get this certification and continue until he reaches his Cloud Engineering certification.

He readily shares his drawing and information for the Electrostatic Bell Generator, something that anyone can build to produce their own electricity. In listening to the conversation between David and another guest during the shooting at Herlong Mansion, I was lost but quite impressed with his knowledge of Nikola Tesla. Being a college educated individual, even I had a hard time keeping up with the conversation. David states he “loves to read and learn”. He believes “anyone who has the desire can become an expert at any subject if they study it hard enough”. And that’s what David does, he learns, constantly, reading up on and studying subjects that he is passionate about such as this.

David states he would like to play something like “Robert Redford”, but his skill set sets him up for FBI, Cop, military due to his prior training. He states that this desire to play a “different role” was his attraction that drew him to The Legend of Kate Kensington, “it gets me away from always breaking down a door, saving a life”. David says about his role as William, “the only thing I can ever ask for from anyone that is acting is to be honest for the character, don’t try to play the role, be the role, that’s the key”. He continues, “I will become the character that is requested of me, I will react off the expressions and emotions of the individual that I am getting them from”. While David does consider this project "special" and one that will remain close to his heart, he is actively looking for film projects and roles. He can be contacted through his Facebook page. David became William and made everyone who was on set believe this to be true, the characteristics of a great actor.

Written by Dawn Horton / Staff writer for Citrus County Life Magazine